Sunday, 17 April 2011

Handmade Monday # 12 - Mod Podge Bowl

A Summer (and rather Patriotic) Mod Podge Bowl

Joining in with Wendy's Handmade Monday, here is my Bowl!

Thanks as always to Wendy at 1st Unique Gifts  for organising us - have a look at what else is happening in the crafting world by clicking on her link!

I picked up the bowl last weekend, at a Boot Sale (50p) It is a plain cream ceramic bowl with a glazed finish.

The collage cuttings were taken from Sunday newspaper magazines (the centre peice is Sam Branson's middle in a Union Jack waistcoat! - sideways on in this can see the buttons)

The girls are all in Summer wear, with a touch of Africa - a few elephants and dry bush!

The edges of the paper cuttings were uneven around the edge, so I stuck on (again with Mod Podge) an edging of cream cotton lace, which gave the bowl a good finish.

Using Mod Podge ( a glue/sealer/varnish all in one) it is easy to make a sealed collage with anything - my next project is a set of cork-backed table mats (also 50p at the Boot Sale!)

So in keeping with the theme of My Blog - why not try this with your group. Another idea is finding a picture frame, with a broad flat surface and covering that with a Mod Podge collage.

This craft would work well in pairs, so get Mod Podging - it's easy to do and with great results! Look at Modge Pod Rocks for more info. on this medium...


  1. Love the bowl. I really mist try Mod Podge sometime - I've always used PVA for this sort of thing.
    Thanks for taking part in HM x

  2. I love the name Modge Podge... great bowl!

  3. I keep thinking I need to give mod podge a go too!!

  4. I was going to say the same as Ros Made Me!
    Mod Podge is a funny name!

  5. I have a pot of mod podge, cannot even remember why I bought it but off to search for some bits to decorate, love the bowl, thank you for sharing

  6. I love mode lodge and was using it a few days ago to decorate glass jars -they look really effective with spring flowers in. I love the bowl -perfect for the royal wedding I think!!!!
    Happy Monday
    Rebecca x

  7. Great mod podge project.
    Hugs Sue x

  8. Awesome! I am a Mod Podge fanatic! It's always easy and fun to do. :)

  9. Love the bowl! Jo

  10. Love your bowl. Have always used pva glue as well. Keep meaning to try out mod podge when I can find a supplier on line for it.

  11. This mod podge appears again... gotta find time to try this. It looks great fun!

  12. I too have always used pva glue, probably because I always have loads of it about. I haven't done anything 'paper mache' for a while, I need to do more, thank you for sharing, it encourages me to have a go...Jan x

  13. I love your bowl - I like the lacy pattern around the edge. Anna x