Thursday, 21 April 2011

Our Day Centre Won the Bunting!

 We were delighted to hear from Ros-Made-Me that we were the lucky winners of her Bunting prize!

The members of our Day Centre were thrilled with the Bunting - made by Ros in delightful fish/waves design fabrics.

After the photo the Bunting was then hung up for all to enjoy - lovely Summer feeling about it...

We also persuaded our menfolk to get into the photographing session and so here they are!
Thank you Ros!

Do go and have a look at what else Ros has made...Click here a very good tutorial about how to make your own Bunting!


  1. It's so great how bunting can liven up any room!

  2. Congrats on winning the bunting prize! Welcome to my blog and thanks for following. x

  3. Glad that your crafting team liked the bunting. It was one of those where the fabrics just came together immediately :)