Sunday, 12 June 2011

Handmade Monday # 20 - 3 Tags!

Luggage Label Tag

It is Wendy's 2oth Handmade Monday! Big thanks to her for keeping this going - I don't manage it every week, but Wendy never fails to start us off...

Do have a look at her 1st Unigue Gifts Blog and browse through the other participating blogs as well. There is lots to see and admire!

Okay - so I thought I would try making a few "Tags" - I have seen them around, but I am still not quite sure what they are for (??) but I thought I would have a go, as they really appeal to me...

Looking at what I have seen, they don't seem to be gift tags, as such, as you can't write on most of them and some are made out of fabric anyway...

I have seen them as Altered Art and also as Fabric Collage - so apart from the fun of making them (and they are fun and quick and easy and use up bits of fabric and bits of broken down jewellery (Bootsales!) and whatever you like - seems anything goes...

But if anyone has any ideas of what they are really for, please enlighten me! (I now have 9!)

Here are three of them...

Fabric Collage Tag

Close-Up of same Tag

A Luggage Label Tag but with Fabric stitched on.

Luggage Label Tag using rubber stamping, wallpaper cut-outs
and Bootsale Bling!

Not sure this would appeal to the Senior Folk groups - in my experience they are doubtful about making anything, that is not absolutely useful...!

However, if you make sure one side is left blank for writing on and put on a proper loop to attach it, it could have possibilities!


  1. I love the tags too, but I'm not very much "in the know"! However, I've seen similar made up into brooches which are fab. I also think they make beautiful, special gift tags, and they could be embroidered with a name or message. And what about using them on bags? or luggage? I'm sure someone will be along with some wisdom to impart!

    Thanks for taking part in Handmade Monday x

  2. These are lovely! I use them instead of a bow! They can make a gift look so special!


  3. Just such a nice way to personalise a gift

  4. These 3 tags are all so pretty and so very different. Gorgeous for making a wrapped up prezzie look that extra bit special. There are challenge blogs for making tags which I have made some for. Hugs Mrs A.

  5. These are lovely. I too have been them around - something I keep thinking of trying out, but like you not sure what I would use them for. I do really like your luggage label though.

  6. They are very pretty. I would probably use them just a s a special gift, for no other purpose but to look nice and make the receiver feel you have made a special effort for them!

  7. The tags look beautiful and Im guessing you could use them to decorate anything really I like the idea of turning them into brooches tooo xxx

  8. Such pretty tags - mental note to myself - must improve packaging skills!

  9. They are fabulous tags Nancy, I would happy with just the wrapping... wouldn't need a pressie!

  10. They're gorgeous. I think I would use them for pulls on ceiling fans (which are very popular here in Florida... :)

  11. They are gorgeous, I think they will make any gift look extra special.
    I do like the idea of using them as brooches as well.

  12. Stunning!I love the way you've used fabric on the tags.

  13. great creations! fabric collage? - sounds interesting, i should try that for myself!!!

  14. Hi Nancy.... check out my latest blog post, there is a surprise there for you.

    Jan x