Saturday, 19 November 2011

Christmas Stocking Decorations - Printable Pattern

Christmas Stocking
 Here are are two ideas, for you to make with your groups for Christmas!

Above, using the larger pattern, you can make a small Christmas Stocking to hang on the tree or on the mantlepiece. Either just as a decoration or fill with chocs and candy or any other small gifts. If making more than one, attach a little gift tag to identify them - or cut out an initial and stick it on the stocking!

And here with the smaller pattern - I used pinking shears to cut out the felt and little gold pegs and ribbon to make Christmas Bunting!

(You can also use card, instead of felt, for your bunting)

Here is the Printable Pattern for the Christmas Stockings and Bunting

To make the Christmas Stocking you will need...


Embroidery thread and needle

Polyester Wadding (about 1inch x 9inches) ( 2.5cms x 22cms) to stick around the top as "fur" or any other suitable trimming.

Double sided tape to attach the "fur" (or use double sided pads)

Decorations (I used buttons, foil stars and a flower)

Fabric Glue to stick on the decorations if not self-adhesive

Ribbon - about 8inches (20cms)

To make...

Print out the pattern (link above) and cut out 2 of the larger stockings from your felt.

Leaving the top open, join the two pieces together with blanket stitch or just use a running stitch if you prefer. Before you finish off, slip in the looped ribbon and attach the ends inside the stocking at the top back edge.

Attach your "fur" around the top, with double sided tape.

Stick on your decorations and hang it up!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Calendar December 2011 - Printable Template!

English Country Church - December Calendar 2011
Here is your printable calendar template - December 2011 - the last month of this year! Hope you have enjoyed having a monthly calendar to print and paint...

Do let me know if you want me to continue in 2012!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Mersea Island Beach Huts

Traditional Beach Huts
Newer Beach Huts

Same Again!

We visited Mersea Island (Essex UK) this week. Was a rather dull day, but it was soon brightened up by the rows of both traditional beach huts and then the newer versions that stretched along the beach front - like a Dulux Colour Chart! What fun someone must have had choosing the colours when they were first erected!

Being November, the beach was deserted except for the odd dog walker, so we didn't find out when the newer beach huts were built. Anyone know?

Two very happy dogs on Mersea Island!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Make a 3D Card Christmas Tree - with Printable Template!

This 3D Christmas Tree can be made quickly and easily! I used green card and foil stars, but you can use any colour card and decorate your trees with whatever you can find!

You will need...


How to make it...

Print out your template - Click here for Christmas Tree Template

Cut out two Christmas Trees from your card.
Cut one tree, from the bottom edge, along the centre line, to small horizontal line I have drawn on the template.
Cut the other tree from the top tip down to the same small horizontal line.

Slot the two trees together!

Actually you will now need to decorate them and it is easier to do this on the two separate trees - on both sides.

When they are decorated, slot them back together again and your tree is ready - have fun making them with your group!