Wednesday, 22 February 2012

March 2012 Cat Calendar - Printable!

This is CoCo who lives in Denver, Colorado!

Thought we would have a couple of cats on the March 2012 calendar...

CoCo and Louis (my son's cats) play endlessly together, so that is our theme -

Cats and Balloons!

So here it is - ready to download and colour-in with your groups...

1 comment:

  1. I love cats, and this one is especially cute looking! Tongue out!

    Hope you are well and have had a good weekend?

    I came to tell you that I have planted out a few (sweet) Basil seeds today. I've used a toilet roll tube cut in half and filled half with a few Basils and the other half with a few Chilli seeds.

    I never think that every seed will grow, so They'll probably have to be split when I plant them in bigger pots in a few weeks. Beetroot was also planted, 6 seeds in an actual pot. Last year I planted far too many and didn't split them in time so I know for this year. The seeds look like little spiky balls, I love them!

    These few foods will get the attention for a couple of weeks, then hopefully it'll be warm enough to plant more in the roof space outside. Thinking: Radishes, more Beans and Spinach.

    What are your plans? What is your space like?