Thursday, 31 January 2013

Tutorial - Make an Easy Twist / Friendship Bracelet with Embroidery Thread!

An Easy Twist Bracelet
These little Twist Bracelets (aka Friendship Bracelets) are so easy to make - the colour combinations are endless and your groups will love churning them out - either as a fun bracelet for themselves, or as a gift for the children in their families...

You will need...

6 Strand embroidery thread
Electrical tape (or any similar)
Pony beads (beads with a large hole)

How to Make the Twist Bracelet...

Cut six lengths of thread  - each 70cms longHave fun deciding on the colour combination. I chose 2 Brown, 2 Green and 2 Orange but you can have six different if you want!

Tie a  knot about 10cm from the top of the threads. Fasten them to your worktop with tape just above the knot.

Hold the end of the six threads together and twist them together in the same direction, until they feel really tight.

Twisted together
 Pull the twisted length straight and place your finger in the centre of it. Fold the twisted lenth in half, remove your finger and watch it twist together. Make sure you keep hold of the ends whilst doing this bit to keep the twist tight!

 Remove the tape and knot the free ends together. Trim the ends. 

Thread on the pony beads.

To fasten the bracelet, slip the knot through the loop at the other end.

For smaller wrists, just knot again further down and trim.

WARNING - Making these Twist Bracelets is very many colours to choose from!!



  1. I think this would be a fun activity for any age range. It's a great way to make loops for hanging things up too :)

    Have fun

    Jan x

    1. You are so right - any age from about 5 can make these! Thanks for visiting my Blog!