Saturday, 24 August 2013

Quiz - Movie Stars and Singers - Do you know their Birth Names?

 Just as well most of us stick with our birth names - just imagine the chaos if we all changed our names, as is common amongst Movie Stars and Singers...

However, we have to admit that Marion Morrison is hardly the name for an enduring American icon, who epitomized rugged masculinity and is famous for his demeanor, including his distinctive calm voice, walk, and height.

So by what name do we know him now??

I have compiled a list of Movie Stars and a few   Singers who did change their birth names - you will  have to agree mostly in their best interest. Have a look at and see how many you know or can work out...
Here is the link....

Quiz - Movie Stars and Singers Birth Names

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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Gorgeous Owl Felt Wall Hanging - Easy Tutorial!

A new Felt Wall Hanging for you all to make - this time we have Owls!

You will need...

An A4 size, rectangle of black felt (or any size or shape, but that is what I used)

Scraps of other colours - for the owls, branches, moon and flowers

Embroidery thread (Use three of the six strands to sew with) and needle


Wooden dowel


How to make your Owl Wall Hanging...

Turn over and pin a 2cm hem across the top of your black felt. Using a running stitch, sew the hem down - this is to slip your wooden dowel into.
Cut out your felt owls, branches, flowers and moon - here are the printable patterns...

Turn your black felt backing over and on the other side, stitch your three owls into place.

The easiest way to do this, is to first attach the owl's button eyes. Leave the thread attached at the back of the owl and then stitch it onto the black backing felt, going back through the buttons again.

Place the moon and stitch with blanket stitch (or running stitch will do fine)

Next, take your branches, pin them into position and using a running stitch, atttach them to the black backing felt and across the owls, which will hold them and the owls in place.

Sew your buttons onto your flowers and stitch them in place. Attach the three leaves with running stitches.

Slip a wooden dowel (or garden cane does as well) into the upper hem, tie on a ribbon and hang up your Owl Felt Wall Hanging for all to admire...!

Easy to do and a lot of fun. Who doesn't love those big eyes!!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Butterfly Lid Fridge Magnets - Tutorial!

Beaded Butterfly Lid Fridge Magnet

Glitter Butterfly Lid Fridge Magnet

Another Idea for a Lid Fridge Magnet!

These little Lid Fridge Magets are easy to make and what you decorate them with has endless possibilities - use your imagination and go for it...!

You will need...

Lids - Plastic or metal. You will be amazed at how many lids you already have in your home! The blue one in the photo is a milk bottle lid, the white was from a cool drink bottle and the gold one, from a jam jar.

Magnetic Tape Strip - Self-Adhesive - I got my from eBay. It can be cut to size with ordinary scissors.

Self-Adhesive Circular Felt Pads - the kind you stick on furniture legs to protect your floor from scratches. Or - you can just mount your butterfly straight onto the lid, as I did in the beaded one.

Foam Double-sided Sticky Pads - these are to mount your magnetic tape on, inside the lid, so they will make contact with your fridge door. (see photo below)

Double-sided Sticky tape

Seed Beads



Card for the Butterfly - I cut my butterfly with a Die in my Bigshot machine. I have given you a Butterfly Template which you can use to cut out your butterfly by hand. (You can also buy ready die-cut shapes very cheaply on eBay)

How to make you Lid Fridge Magnet...

Place your Foam Double-sided Sticky Pads inside the lid and cut and place the Magnetic Strip on last, so it is level with the lid rim.

On the flat side of the lid, place the Self-Adhesive Circular Felt Pads or cut and glue on any backing you want - felt or card will do fine.

Brush glue over your Butterfly and either scatter Glitter or Seed Beads over it. Leave to dry and then, with a strip of Double-Sided Sticky Tape, attach it to the lid.

View Inside Lid, Foam D/S Pads, Magnetic Tape Strip

So have a look at what you have in your craft cupboard and start making 
Lid Fridge Magnets...!