Friday, 9 October 2015

Village Collage - Easy but so Creative!

Jenna with our Village Collage
Collage is always a favourite project at our Art and Craft Group. It is very creative and I am always intrigued with what our group produces.

We chose to do a Village Collage this week. We used old magazines and I asked them not to worry about the actual pictures, but to just look at the colours in the pictures.

After all the cutting and sticking had been done, we outlined their houses with a black felt tip pen. No precise measuring was done! The charm of the houses in our village is their slightly wonky look - straight out of fairyland...

Then we cut around each cluster of houses (on the A4 card) to make an interesting shape and stuck them all onto a sheet of A2 black card.

All you will need for this project is...

Old magazines or junk mail
Glue sticks
Black pen
A4 Card (we used mixed colours)
A sheet of A2 card (for every 4 x  A4 cards)
Butterfly stickers (optional)

Have fun making your village!

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