Sunday, 19 June 2016

Felt Bunnies Wall Hanging - Tutorial and Templates

 A simple little felt wall hanging - here is how to make it...

You will need...

A4 sheet of felt for background
Scraps of felt for bunnies and flowers
Pom pom or cotton wool balls for tails 
Double-sided sticky pads to attach tails 
Embroidery thread
Wooden dowel and ribbon to hang

 How to make...

Print out the Bunnies and Flower templates (my flowers were cut from a die on my Big Shot, but if you want to cut by hand here is a flower template to use)

Bunnies Template

Flower Template

Take your A4 sheet of felt and turn over a hem of 2cm (width of hem depends on the thickness of your wooden dowel - we used green garden stakes trimmed to size)
Stitch across leaving ends open - either on machine or by hand
Cut out your bunnies and flowers
Stitch the bunnies onto the background, using a running stitch
Using double-sided sticky pads, stick on the bunny tails
First stitch both layers of flowers, together with the button and then stitch onto the  background felt
Stitch stems with embroidery thread
Slip the wooden dowel through the hem and tie on a ribbon for hanging

 Here are some we made at Mencap - enjoy making yours!

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