Printable Quizzes - eBook - 41 EASY QUIZZES with Answers

I have put together
41 x 10 Easy Printable Quizzes with Answers for you to use with your groups. (41 different quizzes with 10 questions and answers in each)

Most are General Knowledge but have included others eg Books, Movies, Girls Names, Flowers etc   Not just for Seniors - anyone will enjoy these!

Here is a sample...

Quiz 3 – General Knowledge
1.       In a pack of cards, which way does the King of Diamonds face – right or left?
2.       What is a rissole?
3.       If you went by “Shank's Pony” how would you travel?
4.       Where was Nelson Mandela imprisoned?
5.       What does AWOL stand for?
6.       Which vegetable is in the dish – Egg Florentine?
7.       Who wrote the play “Private Lives”?
8.       Which was the world's first commercial jet aircraft?
9.       What is a young kangaroo called?
10.   Which American President won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906?

Answers to Quiz 3 – General Knowledge
1.       He looks to the right
2.       A fried meatball
3.       By foot
4.       Robben Island off Cape Town
5.       Absent WithOut Leave
6.       Spinach
7.       Noel Coward
8.       The Comet
9.       A joey
10.   Theodore Roosevelt

A Quiz is always a very popular activity for our seniors
and invaluable for stimulating the memory.

If you feel some members are a bit hesitant then a good idea is to let them work in pairs - adds a lot to the level of confidence and fun!

Take your time over each quiz and encourage reminiscing - you will be amazed at the stories that will come out...after all our elderly folk have experienced much in life, one way or another.

I am only charging a nominal fee of £1.50 and you will immediately be able to download the 41 Printable Quizzes as a PDF file - easy to save and print as required - after saving the eBook on your computer you will be able to print off individual quizzes (in any quantity you choose) as you require them.

So order now (Paypal only please) and get quizzing...!

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