Saturday, 6 February 2016

Tutorial for Felt Butterfly & Flowers Wall Hanging - Printable Templates

We made Butterfly & Flower Wall Hangings this week at Mencap...

If you would like to make them with your family or with your group - they really do appeal to girls of all ages...!    Here is the Tutorial with Printable Templates.

What you will need...

Felt - A4 sheet for the background
Self-adhesive felt to decorate the butterfly - or use glue...
Felt scraps for Butterfly, Flowers and Hearts
Embroidery thread
Thin dowel (we used green garden canes cut to size) 
Ribbon or cord to hang

How to make...

Turn over a narrow hem, just wide enough to slip your dowel into, and stitch - either by hand or on your machine, as I did.

Cut out your butterfly and flowers / hearts (mine are die cut, but you can use this flower and heart template)

Stitch your butterfly onto your background with a running stitch.

Cut the butterfly body out and stitch or stick it on top.

Decorate the butterfly with pieces of contrasting felt - use self-adhesive felt or use glue to attach.

Attach your flowers / hearts - we used buttons to secure them to the background.

Slip the dowel into the hemmed top and tie on your ribbon or cord.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Quiz - Movies with Names in the Title - Printable!

Who wants a Quiz?

Here is one about Movies - each Movie has a name of a person in the title - print them out here...

Quiz - Movies with Names in the Title 

and fill in the names...

Answers supplied if you get stuck - have fun over a cup of tea with your group...!

If you want more easy printable quizzes have a look at my eBook...

41 x Easy Quizzes with Answers - Printable eBook

Friday, 22 January 2016

Make a Circle Collage with your Group...! Printable Template!

For a really stunning, colourful collage start with a simple Circle in a Square...

Here is the Circle Collage Template

Allow each member in your craft group to design and colour their own creation, as they want - you will be amazed at what is produced...the above were done by our Mencap Art and Craft group and they loved it...Very simple, but challenging enough to create enthusiasm and such pride in their artwork...

To make the collage, just cut out the finished squares and stick them together onto card - we used A2 black card, but any colour will do.

Make your collage as big or small as you like - depends on the size of your group of course and how many squares you have to display!

Have fun being creative...!

Friday, 15 January 2016

Funky Washer Necklaces - Tutorial!

These simple Washer Necklaces are very easy to put together and our class at Mencap really loved creating their own combinations of colours and designs...

What you need...

Metal washers - an assortment of sizes - look at your hardware shop for these...
Nail varnish - we bought a cheap variety - plain colours and one with sparkles in it.
Yarn or cord or leather strips - we used a cotton/rayon yarn but use any suitable - each strip about 108mm long (43inches)
Pony beads - large hole bead
Blue or White Tack (to mount beads on, when painting)

How to make...

Mount your washer on a lump of Blue or White Tack (to raise it up from your table) and paint the top side and edges with your nail varnish.

When dry, take your yarn (you can use a single piece or two or three lengths of yarn - see photos) and fold in half. Thread the rounded end through the washer and loop the ends through so your washer hangs from the centre of your yarn.

Thread on beads and maybe add another washer - see our examples for ideas...

Tie the ends of the yarn together and you are done...

Easy to make and lovely to wear...!

Enjoy the fun of creating these funky Washer Necklaces...!