Sunday, 8 January 2017

Winter - Celebrate with a Wall Mural...!

We made our Winter Mural at Braintree Mencap, with strings of artificial ivy, red poinsettia and white tissue flowers. Then our table coloured-in various winter-themed pictures, which we added, to give the mural some lovely points of interest...!

Wall Murals are fun to put together and there are endless themes you can develop. 

Try, as we did, the Seasons or maybe Holiday themes - Religious or National. 

Popular also are Sporting themes - Winter or Summer Sports. 

Geographical - work on a country, showing highlights of what that country is known for...

Whatever you decide - enjoy working together with your groups - young and old.  

Saturday, 17 December 2016

New Quiz - Our world... the Highest, the Longest, the Smallest etc ....See how many you know!

Take a break and try our quiz with your group, with a cup of tea of course - and a mince pie, being that time of the year!

Here it is - with all the answers in case you get stuck...! 

Highest Longest Quiz

 If you would like more quizzes, do have a look at my ebook...

 41 Easy Quizzes

Friday, 7 October 2016

Harry Potter Pop-Ups - Tutorials

 After a visit to London's "Harry Potter's World" our Craft Group at Mencap were keen to colour-in some Harry Potter characters - loads to find online and printable.

So we decided to use them to create some more Pop-Up pages...

See our previous Pop-Ups - Frozen & Monsters

For an excellent tutorial on how to make Pop-Ups have a look here...

Extreme Paper Making - Pop-up Basics

Here are some more we made...

 So easy to do and who doesn't love Po-Ups! 

Have a go - instead of just sticking pictures into your scrapbooks - make them POP-UP....

Monday, 3 October 2016

Memory Wire and Bead Bracelets

We found these Memory Wire and Bead Bracelet Kits on eBay (they come in a range of colours) - what a great afternoon we had making them up in our Craft Group at Mencap. 

We placed the beads on white poly plates to make them easy to see and to pick up and then threaded them onto the memory wire coil. The best thing is, they fit any size wrist and are just so pretty...  

You do need "jewellery tools" however to make a loop at each end of the wire as it is not possible to bend by hand (this loop stops the beads from falling off, so is essential!)

Here are a couple the girls made...