Sunday 30 July 2023

An Easy Game of Dice...!

Our Version of PIG
(not sure why it is called that!)

An Easy Game of Dice - Best with 2,
but can be played with up to four players.

You will need... 2 Dice, Paper and pen for scoring.

Goal... Be the first player to reach 100 points.

How to Play... Each player in turn throws the two dice together. He has three throws. He adds his points together as he goes.
If a 1 is rolled, that player's turn ends and no points are earned. If after one or two throws he decides to "hold" (rather than risk a 1 on his next throw and losing all his points) he keeps his score and passes the dice onto the next player.

Scoring Examples...

Example 1: Peter rolls a 3 and a 4 and decides to continue. He then rolls a 6 and a 1. Because he rolled a 1, Peter's turn ends and he earns 0 points.

Example 2: Jack rolls a 6 and a 2 and decides to continue. He then rolls a 6 and a 5 and decides to "hold". Jack scores 19 points.

Example 3: Mike rolls a 2 and a 3 and decides to continue. He then rolls a 4 and a 2 and carries on to his third throw of a 4 and a 3. He scores 18 points.

NOTE: If a double is thrown then the player doubles that amount. Eg a double 4 will be 8 x 2 = 16 points, a double 6 will be 12 x 2 = 24 points.

If a double 1 is thrown then the player gets 25 points for that throw. Only a single 1 will end the players turn.

When a player reaches a total of 100 or more points, the game ends and that player is the winner...!

Tuesday 11 April 2023

Two NEW Printable General Knowledge Quizzes for your Groups

Wanting an easy General Knowledge Quiz?

Here are two for you...

Each has 10 questions and I have given you the answers, on a separate page.

They can be printed as required...

General Knowledge Quiz (2)

Looking for more printable quizzes - all with answers on a separate page?

Then do look at my eBook of 41 x 10 Printable Quizzes

Lots of different subjects and all picked, especially for the older generation...


Sunday 2 April 2023

Easy Easter Egg Wreath to make - Printable Template

An Easter Wreath made from Card Easter Eggs

We made an Easy Easter Egg Wreath today!

It was a group effort, as each egg was designed individually and then put together to form an Easter Wreath!

If you would like to make your Easter Egg Wreath then here is how...

You will need...

Two A4 sheets of thin card

Embellishments - we used Washi Tape, Stickers and Crayons 

Glue Stick

An Easter Wreath made from Card Easter Eggs
How to make...

Print the Easter eggs directly onto the thin card - here is the template

 Easter Eggs x 4 Template

Cut out the eight Easter Eggs and then have fun decorating them - use what embellishments you have, or paint / colour them in with your crayons

When they have been decorated arrange them in a circle, overlapping each Easter Egg with the next one, as in the photo above

Pray for Ukraine
Using your glue stick, attach the Easter Eggs to each other 

We used a Bunny sticker to attach our ribbon

Hope you enjoy making your Easy Easter Egg Wreath!

An Easter Wreath made from Card Easter Eggs

Thursday 30 March 2023

Paper Plate Easter Basket to make - Tutorial


Paper Plate Easter Basket

Perfect for little hands - a Paper Plate Easter Basket to fill with Easter Eggs and other treats!

You will need...

Two paper plates (ours were basically yellow but any will do)

Double sided adhesive tape or glue

Embellishments - we used Washi tape and Easter themed foam cut-outs - all from our local 'The Works' shop 

OR paint or colour-in the basket if preferred 

Narrow ribbon (optional)

How to make...

Cut one paper plate in half

Cut out a portion of the other plate as per photo below...

If you are going to paint or colour-in your Easter basket then do so before sticking them together. 

Remember the bottom side of the plate will be the outside of the Easter Basket!

Glue the two plates together top sides facing as per photo below...

Using your embellishments, decorate your Easter Basket - tying the ribbon streamers to the handle to finish it off!

Hope you all have fun with this Easter craft!

Wednesday 22 March 2023

Face Cloth Easter Bunnies! Easy and Fun!

Face-Cloth Easter Bunnies
It's three years since I posted a tutorial on making up these Face Cloth Easter Bunnies! See it Here

We have made some again this year, to raise some funds for our Mencap Arts and Crafts group and instead of using ribbon around the middle bit, we have used elasticated hair bands. 

These cost less than ribbon (we bought a card of 20 for £1) and are very easy to use....And we think they make a pretty belt! 

For the Boy ones we used plain hair bands as you can see in the photo above.
Face-Cloth Easter Bunnies

So have fun making your Easter Bunnies - they make lovely gifts 
and with a face cloth to keep after the Easter Eggs have all been devoured!

Face-Cloth Easter Bunnies

...or like us you can use them to make some funds for your group!

Sunday 12 March 2023

Birthday and Other Greeting Cards with Tags!

Birthday Cards with tag inserts

 How about making some Greeting Cards with Tags? They are very easy and can be made from a variety of materials...

 We made them at Mencap and they loved the idea of putting a message or greeting on the Tag - a surprise for the lucky recipient when the tag is pulled out...!

 For tags we used a variety of purchased coloured tags, as well common brown luggage labels.

As you can see the "Tag Pockets" were cut out of printed paper and attached to the cards with glue on only three sides.

Ribbons and stickers completed these pretty, fun cards!

Monday 6 March 2023

Make a Junk-Mail Flower Collage!

A junk mail collage with buttons and templates
Collage A
A junk mail collage with buttons and templates
Collage B

Instead of dumping the Junk-Mail, cut it up and make a flower collage! 

I used a clothing catalogue, which had such a large range of shades and hues, it was hard to decide which colours I wanted to use...

You will need...
A4 Card

Junk-Mail (or magazine / comic / newspaper)

Buttons (one for each flower) Or just use contrasting colours, cut out from paper, card or felt.

Double sided sticky pads or glue dots (to attach the buttons and bow)

Thread (I used waxed thread) - Optional (Collage B)

Bow - Optional (Collage B)

Acrylic Paint or Felt Tip Pen - Optional (Collage A)

Die Cutting Machine (Collage A) Optional - use the Flower Template instead

I have made two collages - the one on the black card (Collage A) - I painted the stems with white acrylic paint - like this...

and then I cut out my flowers using my Big Shot Die Cutter - however if you don't have access to a Die Cutting Machine, then use these Flower Templates, which is what I used for the collage with the cream card (Collage B).

Click here for your flowers templates

How to Do It...

Cut out you flowers as detailed above.

Paint the stems if desired (Collage A)

Place your flowers on the card and when you are happy with your layout, stick them on.

Then place a button in the centre of each flower and attach them on using a double sided pad or a glue dot.

If you haven't painted your stems you can use thread, (Collage B) and if you like add a bow!

I am sure you will come up with many variations of this collage - just use your imagination and create your own design!

Enjoy being creative...! 

Saturday 18 February 2023

Quiz 12 Anagrams - What We Wear! - Printable with Answers


Quiz 12 Anagrams - What We Wear! - Printable with Answers

Quiz 12 Anagrams - What We Wear! - Printable with Answers
What is better than an ANAGRAM QUIZ to enjoy with your family or groups...!

I have put together 12 Anagrams of "Things We Wear" 

Here is the link...Printable and I have included the Answers!

Hope you enjoy puzzling out the answers! 

If you want more quizzes have a look at my 

Great fun and invaluable mental gymnastics!

Quiz 12 Anagrams - What We Wear! - Printable with Answers