Saturday, 18 December 2010

Card Bunting

We have just had our Christmas party at the Day Centre. A lovely day enjoyed by all, with lots of delicious food and grape juice...
The entertainment was a variety of songs from the 1940's, sung by a duet. The whole party joined in with the very familiar tunes and this was followed by a dance routine by six of the staff. Not quite up to "Strictly" but great fun!
The tables were decorated with Card Bunting made by the members of the Day Centre. It was very effective and so easy to do...and most importantly, made them feel involved in the preparations of the Big Day!

You Will Need
Coloured card (or white - what ever colour scheme you want to use)
Self-adhesive stickers (we used Christmas themed stickers but there are many others easily available so again choose what suits you)

Cut  the card (either straight cut or use pinking shears) into a triangular shape.
Here is a Template. (On new screen click on File and then on Print)
Stick on the stickers - we used one per flag but again up to you.
Line the flags up on a table, face down, and then using Cellotape, stick the string about 1cm from the top edge, leaving a space between the flags of about 4cm.
Make strings to desired length, leaving a tail on each end for attaching to table - or to a wall - also look great on a wall!

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