Saturday, 11 December 2010

Craft for Christmas

As the Festive Season approaches, we having been busy at The Day Centre for the Elderly making Christmas decorations and cards. Our favourite this year seems to be "The Christmas Angel" made from a paper plate!

Easy to do, but quite lovely when she is painted and "sparkled up" with tinsel around her skirt...

If you would like to make your own Christmas angel, I am happy to share it with you.
You Will Need
Paper Plate (I used a 23cm diameter plate)
Pencil Carbon Paper
Sprinkle Glitter
Paints or other "Colouring-In" materials
Tinsel or any other trimming you choose.
Sequins or flat beads (if you want - to stick onto front of dress)

Turn the paper plate over so your are working on the underneath surface.
Trace the Angel Template (on new screen click on FILE and then on PRINT)
onto the paper plate - on underneath surface!
Apply glue to the wings and sprinkle with glitter.
Paint the dress (or colour-in with your felt tip pens etc.)
Paint the hair and face.
Leave until dry.
Cut away the unpainted area.
Cut along the outside of each wing leaving only the last 3cm attached.

Bend the cut edges of the plate backwards and staple together as in picture.
Attach your tinsel or other trimming around the bottom edge of the skirt, using a stapler.
Stick on your sequins or beads onto the front of the dress.
Enjoy being creative...!

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