Thursday, 9 December 2010

Ideas and Tips for managing Craft and Activities for the Elderly

The main reason I decided to set up this blog was to help other "Craft Ladies", who, like I, spend a great deal of time searching for ideas.
The Day Centre where I am a volunteer, has about eighty members, while being all mostly over 70, are still mentally alert. However many have physical disabilities, either through aging or from other medical problems.
My main objective is to provide craft and other activities, to stimulate them mentally, challenge them physically (no greater delight than to see someone, who has had a stroke, finding the joy in being able to paint, something simple, but a "Result" nevertheless!) and most of all to give them an enjoyable morning, in good company, having fun!
Through this blog, I will keep you posted, with what we have done in the past year and what we are up to in 2011.
Finding craft and activities that interest adults, who have limited capabilities (and these too vary from member to member) is not an easy task.
The craft must be simple for aged hands, but not childish. The quizes need to relate to their area of knowledge, so again care needs to be taken to make the questions easy enough to be answered by most of the members, but not so easy as to be insulting!
Incidentally, some of the craft and activities will be enjoyed by any age, so feel free to try them out with your children, your class or your Brownies etc. Have fun and please contact me if you have any queries - I will help if I can!

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