Saturday, 11 December 2010

A Simple Quiz for the Elderly

A Quiz is always popular with any age group and especially with the elderly. Apart from the fun of doing a quiz in a group, there are the obvious benefits of mental stimulation and the chance to reminisce - and with lives rich with experience, we are always ready to listen to our senior citizens.
One quiz, which is always enjoyed, involves a list of items - eg Movies (make sure they are from a suitable era - mine are all 1940's and 50's) and then split them into two columns as below, thus mixing up the second half of each title. They then have to find the ten films, by matching the halves.
Be sure to make a few notes about each movie - date, actors/actresses etc (Google it!) as the quiz will expand into a full discussion amongst the group - you will be amazed at what stories will come out! - and with your notes on hand, you can fill in all the missing bits of film data etc., they can't quite remember...

The High                                                          in the Rain
National                                                           Queen
Ben                                                                  Velvet
From Here                                                        Get Your Gun
A Town                                                             Busters
High                                                                 to Eternity
Singing in                                                          Hur
Annie                                                                Called Alice
The Dam                                                           and the Mighty
African                                                              Noon
This format has endless opportunities - will give you more later - watch this Blog!


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