Monday, 14 February 2011

My Simple Version of a Beetle Drive...for All Ages and Abilities!

I have made our own version of the age-old game, so that everyone, young or whatever ability, can join to play, all they have to do, is shake the dice!

This is how it works...on each table of 4 to 5 players, place a dice in a shaker (we just use a plastic cup)

One of the players has sheet of A4 copy paper divided into 4 "boxes" by drawing a line across the middle of the page across and down. He will be the Beetle Drawer - A helper can do this if necessary. This will be for four games - so more games, will need more paper!

The dice is thrown in turn by the players (clockwise) and when a 6 is thrown the "body" is drawn. Legs (2 for each leg) and tail (1) can be added, but only when a 5 is thrown and the head added, can the eyes (3 each) and feelers (4 each) be drawn.

Here is the Drawing with detail of numbers - put a copy on each table. 

When the beetle drawing is complete the table calls out **BEETLE** and the table is awarded a Red Ladybird. 

When everyone has had enough (or it is dinner time!) the table with the most Red Ladybirds, gets stickers all round (we use Smiley Faces!)

Have fun...!