Thursday, 24 March 2011

Face-Cloth Easter Bunny!

Sue made these Easter Bunnies for us today, at our Day Centre and immediately had orders for 8 more!!

So we decided, that this was a good way to make funds for buying craft supplies - for future crafting projects...

To make the Easter Bunny you will need...
A Face-cloth
Double-sided sticky pads
An Easter Egg

To make...
Fold the face-cloth in half forming a triangle. Roll the face-cloth from the points towards the long edge. Then fold this in half and place the Easter Egg in the centre of the fold. Tie the ribbon around the "neck" of the bunny. Tie another bow higher up, to create the bunny "face" and the "ears" above. Using the double sided sticky pads, attach the eyes.

A lovely Easter Gift - for any age group! 

See another posting with new ideas!


  1. Absolutely great - really good idea, and as you say, it would be a lovely gift for any age.

  2. What a wonderful idea so easy and heart warming

  3. I'd like the easter suncatcher egg craft. Thank you.