Friday, 18 March 2011

Our Easter Ladder is Up!

 We had such fun putting this up this morning!

We ended up with so many eggs and bunnies to put on the ladder, made during the week by our members at the Day Centre, plus the fluffy chicks, silk flowers (someone asked if they were double daffodils?? Could be...) and little chocolate eggs - thus the ladder has rather disappeared, but it is there, I promise! (Scroll down to last two previous Posts to see the "ladder" if you haven't been following this project so far)

Because we attached the card eggs and bunnies to flat wooden spatulas (lolly sticks) they were easy to tuck into, or stick onto, the ladder, using double-sided adhesive pads.

The four large card/foil eggs and the yellow flowers were attched to the wall with Blu Tack, separate to the ladder.

I have continued down with close-ups so you can see the details of the Easter decorations - made with such enthusiasm and with great results!

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  1. I LOVE this! It really does appeal to me. All those colours and different textures and shapes.It's a good thing that the ladder has disappeared (not that there was anything wrong with it)This has to be the best Easter decoration I have ever seen.