Saturday, 16 April 2011

Easter Bunny - Paper Plate Craft!

Easter Bunny - made by Thomas
More Easter craft! This will keep the younger ones busy, but also a novel way to dress up a gift of an Easter Egg to give to a child...

You will need...

2 paper plates
Paints or other colouring pens or crayons
Card for the Easter Bunny
Glitter, stars etc (Optional)
Small Easter Eggs (Optional)

How to Make it...

Print the Easter Bunny - Click here for template - when new screen appears click on File and then Print.
Trace Bunny onto card.
Cut out the Bunny.
Cut one plate in half.
Paint the Inside surface of the whole plate and the Underneath surface of the half plate. Thomas painted the whole rim, but you can paint just the top half of the whole plate, as the bottom half will be covered up.

Paint the Bunny.

Let the paint dry.
Apply glue and glitter/stars if desired. (Thomas insisted he wanted the Christmas glitter on his plate!)
Apply glue around the bottom half of the rim of the whole plate.
Attach the half plate and peg together.
Leave to dry.

Pop the Easter Bunny in his pocket and a few small Easter Eggs will fit in too!

Enjoy the Easter break with your family and friends...!

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