Thursday, 28 July 2011

A Sweetie Jar!

It is so easy to make your own "Sweetie Jar" or "Candy Jar" or "Treat Jar" - call it what you like! It also makes a lovely, "homemade-by-you" gift...something our senior folk can make for friends and families.
I used a Sainsbury's Gold Coffee jar.
Soak off the label, but take care not to wet the lid if it has a card seal inside, which is best kept dry.
Take a paper doily and cut it in half. Or if you can find a small doily that fits your jar, all the better!
Print your wording on your computer and then cut it out and stick it onto your doily.

Decorate with stickers like I did (plus one on the lid!) or you can draw and colour your own pictures and stick them on instead. Pictures cut from magazines can also be used.
When you have finished decorating your doily, stick it onto your jar.
Fill it with sweets (candy!) and enjoy!
PS My husband has commandeered the above Sweetie Jar and filled it with his favourites! Mint Humbugs and Sugared Jelly Babies!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Printable August 2011 Calendar!

Calendar - August 2011
 Thought it was time for a calendar picture that would appeal to the menfolk as well as our senior ladies!

So here we have an boat in full sail!

Print it out here (When a new screen opens click on File and then Print)

Because it is already shaded in, it is very easy to put in a touch of colour. I used felt-tip pens to do mine.

Enjoy and have a happy August!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Make Your Own Greeting Card - Printable Design!

These are two variations of a Birthday Card using the template you can download, print and colour. (see below for link)

On the left I have used just the framed picture, which I have coloured and stuck onto a blank greeting card. The one below has had a sheet of craft paper (you can use gift wrapping paper) slipped under the picture and glued down, with the picture glued on top.

The "Happy Bithdays" are actually gold (not black as the scan makes them appear!) and have been stuck on, as are self- adhesive.

Click here for greeting card picture. (when a new screen opens, click on File and then Print)

I have set up the artwork, in case you want to print directly onto card. If not, then print on paper and cut out the picture and stick it onto your blank card.

Hope you enjoy making the cards with your groups. Finish them off with other embellishments - stick on bows, flowers, flat beads, sequins or even a few old buttons.

Even though you all start out with the same picture, it is amazing how different the cards will turn out - just add a bit of imagination and dash of bling!
Have fun!

If you would rather just paint or colour a picture of the lady, then
click here for the full size (A4) print. (when a new screen opens, click on File and then Print)

Friday, 8 July 2011

Song Quiz to Download and Print!

A Song Quiz - for all your groups of song lovers out there...!

20 old time songs - all favourites of our seniors - just fill in the blanks!

Extra points if you can sing along with each Title...