Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Make Your Own Greeting Card - Printable Design!

These are two variations of a Birthday Card using the template you can download, print and colour. (see below for link)

On the left I have used just the framed picture, which I have coloured and stuck onto a blank greeting card. The one below has had a sheet of craft paper (you can use gift wrapping paper) slipped under the picture and glued down, with the picture glued on top.

The "Happy Birthdays" are actually gold (not black as the scan makes them appear!) and have been stuck on, as are self- adhesive.

I have set up the artwork, in case you want to print directly onto card. If not, then print on paper and cut out the picture and stick it onto your blank card.

Hope you enjoy making the cards with your groups. Finish them off with other embellishments - stick on bows, flowers, flat beads, sequins or even a few old buttons.

Even though you all start out with the same picture, it is amazing how different the cards will turn out - just add a bit of imagination and dash of bling!
Have fun!

If you would rather just paint or colour a picture of the lady, then
click here for the full size (A4) print. 

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