Thursday, 28 July 2011

A Sweetie Jar!

It is so easy to make your own "Sweetie Jar" or "Candy Jar" or "Treat Jar" - call it what you like! It also makes a lovely, "homemade-by-you" gift...something our senior folk can make for friends and families.
I used a Sainsbury's Gold Coffee jar.
Soak off the label, but take care not to wet the lid if it has a card seal inside, which is best kept dry.
Take a paper doily and cut it in half. Or if you can find a small doily that fits your jar, all the better!
Print your wording on your computer and then cut it out and stick it onto your doily.

Decorate with stickers like I did (plus one on the lid!) or you can draw and colour your own pictures and stick them on instead. Pictures cut from magazines can also be used.
When you have finished decorating your doily, stick it onto your jar.
Fill it with sweets (candy!) and enjoy!
PS My husband has commandeered the above Sweetie Jar and filled it with his favourites! Mint Humbugs and Sugared Jelly Babies!


  1. Great idea. One of my earliest memories is being allowed to choose a sweet from the sweetie jar.

  2. I use an old jam jar for my crystallised ginger, I think I'll be doing myself a label...... I love jelly babies too.

    Jan x

  3. Brilliant idea!Now I need to find some childhood sweets to go with it!