Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Photos to show you - Aquarium, Louis and Namaqualand Daisies

Rob's Aquarium

This aquarium definitely has the "Wow factor"...!
My son, in Denver, Colorado, replaced his smaller-version fish tank, with this one recently. Getting it home in one piece was the major factor, but now all set up in his lounge.
Who needs TV??

Louis (aka Mr Coils - don't ask!) is an avid viewer of the new Aquarium!

Namaqualand Daisies

This lovely South African, Spring photo of Namaqualand Daisies (aka African Daisies) was taken by family living in Pietermaritzburg.

Summer in UK is officially over as from today - actually think September promises to be warmer. Let's hope so...!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Calendar - September 2011 - St Paul's Cathedral, London

I found this drawing of St Paul's Cathedral in London, on Gutenberg (Public Domain website) and thought you would like to see it on September's Calendar...

I have not put any coulour on mine - not sure if it needs any?
Up to you...!

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Saturday, 20 August 2011

How to Make a Birthday Fridge Magnet!

Birthday Fridge Magnet

Instead of a birthday card, why not make a Birthday Fridge Magnet! 

Very easy to do - just use imagination - but you will also need...

A photo or picture
Card to stiffen the picture if necessary.
Card to stick on back (I cut, down to size, an old Playing Card)
A peel-off "Happy Birhtday"
A magnet (mine is a single magnet, but you can also buy magnets in a strip (self-adhesive) which can be cut to size.) Look on Ebay, you'll find them there.
Double-sided adhesive pad if using a single unglued magnet.

Mine is a photo of a sunflower cut in a circle (any shape will work) - you can also use a photo of whoever is having a Birthday, to make it really personal, or any picture or painting - parents / grandparents will love a hand drawn picture, by one of the kids...
You can cut pictures from magazines - fashion, wildlife etc.
If necessary, stiffen the picture by sticking it onto card.

Add a peel-off "Happy Birthday" or whatever the occasion - "New Baby" "Happy Anniversary" etc...

Then stick a piece of card onto the back of the photo / picture.

Attach the magnet.

The Back View of the Fridge Magnet

I hope you enjoy making your fridge magnets with your group of seniors or in fact with any age group - this is something that anyone will have fun doing...

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

New Look to My Blog!

Thought it was time for a fresh, new look for my Blog!

Thanks must go to The Background Fairy for offering to share this background (Gray Wood with Wild Roses) with other Bloggers! Do have a browse through her Blog - such a variety of Graphics which she so generously shares with all...
The butterfly is also hers!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Printable Quiz - Capitals of the World!

Printable Quiz - Capitals of the World!

Time for a quiz! I have given you two lists - one is a list of Capitals - fill in the Countries and the other is a list of Countries - fill in the Capitals. (answers given on separate page)

All well known countries, so not too much brain-strain on the Seniors!

Enjoy! Just click on the link below...
(When a new screen opens click on File and then Print)