Saturday, 20 August 2011

How to Make a Birthday Fridge Magnet!

Birthday Fridge Magnet

Instead of a birthday card, why not make a Birthday Fridge Magnet! 

Very easy to do - just use imagination - but you will also need...

A photo or picture
Card to stiffen the picture if necessary.
Card to stick on back (I cut, down to size, an old Playing Card)
A peel-off "Happy Birhtday"
A magnet (mine is a single magnet, but you can also buy magnets in a strip (self-adhesive) which can be cut to size.) Look on Ebay, you'll find them there.
Double-sided adhesive pad if using a single unglued magnet.

Mine is a photo of a sunflower cut in a circle (any shape will work) - you can also use a photo of whoever is having a Birthday, to make it really personal, or any picture or painting - parents / grandparents will love a hand drawn picture, by one of the kids...
You can cut pictures from magazines - fashion, wildlife etc.
If necessary, stiffen the picture by sticking it onto card.

Add a peel-off "Happy Birthday" or whatever the occasion - "New Baby" "Happy Anniversary" etc...

Then stick a piece of card onto the back of the photo / picture.

Attach the magnet.

The Back View of the Fridge Magnet

I hope you enjoy making your fridge magnets with your group of seniors or in fact with any age group - this is something that anyone will have fun doing...

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  1. The Fridge magnets are great, even if they are not used for notes they still look good.

    Jan x