Friday, 20 January 2012

Make a Junk-Mail Flower Collage!

Collage A
Collage B

Instead of dumping the Junk-Mail, cut it up and make a flower collage! 

I used a clothing catalogue, which had such a large range of shades and hues, it was hard to decide which colours I wanted to use...

You will need...
A4 Card

Junk-Mail (or magazine / comic / newspaper)

Buttons (one for each flower) Or just use contrasting colours, cut out from paper, card or felt.

Double sided sticky pads or glue dots (to attach the buttons and bow)

Thread (I used waxed thread) - Optional (Collage B)

Bow - Optional (Collage B)

Acrylic Paint or Felt Tip Pen - Optional (Collage A)

Die Cutting Machine (Collage A) Optional - use the Flower Template instead

I have made two collages - the one on the black card (Collage A) - I painted the stems with white acrylic paint - like this...

and then I cut out my flowers using my Big Shot Die Cutter - however if you don't have access to a Die Cutting Machine, then use these Flower Templates, which is what I used for the collage with the cream card (Collage B).

Click here for your flowers templates

How to Do It...

Cut out you flowers as detailed above.

Paint the stems if desired (Collage A)

Place your flowers on the card and when you are happy with your layout, stick them on.

Then place a button in the centre of each flower and attach them on using a double sided pad or a glue dot.

If you haven't painted your stems you can use thread, (Collage B) and if you like add a bow!

I am sure you will come up with many variations of this collage - just use your imagination and create your own design!

Enjoy being creative...! 


  1. OOOOh these really caught my eye and such a great way to use up old mags. Thanks for sharing the idea

  2. What a crafty idea...these are sooo pretty! Thanks for sharing this great idea...Have a wonderful weekend! Loretta

  3. Hello!
    ooh, junk mail no more!
    Very nice. Hope your 2012 is going well so far?
    I was given some Crocus bulbs for Christmas and have planted them (late, I know) but two have sprouted already so I'm looking forward to seeing the colours! When did you start planting your herbs last year? I reckon I'll give it a go too.

  4. This is great! I'll be doing this very soon! Wonderful!