Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Felt Easter Bunny and Flowers Bunting - Printable Templates!

Felt Easter Bunny and Flowers Bunting

Still a few weeks to Easter, so have popped in another Easter craft which is fun and easy to do...

You will need... (for one Bunny)

Felt (185 x 105mm for Bunny and 85 x 85mm for Flower)
Either same colour felt for all your Bunnies, with contrasting Flowers, or make them all different - your choice!
One Button
Googly eyes (or small round pieces of contrasting felt)

A length of ribbon or tape (length depends on number of Bunnies!)

How to make it...

Print out the patterns

Cut out the Bunny and the Flower (use the smaller size)

Stitch the Flower onto the Bunny, with a button in the centre. (The yellow flower in the picture is one I die-cut with my Big Shot, but you can just use the template I've given you, for all your flowers)

Attach the Googly Eyes. (you can just use small circles of a contrasting colour of felt if you want)

Attach the Bunnies to the ribbon or tape, using double-sided sticky pads.

Enjoy making your Easter Bunny Bunting and have a Happy Easter holiday!

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