Tuesday, 17 July 2012

We made a Wall Mural - Olympics 2012 - at Mencap Braintree

Olympic Games Mural - London 2012

With Shaun at the helm, we made a wall mural to celebrate the fast approaching Olympic Games 2012.

Shaun sketched the layout and then the Mencap Art group glued on layers of tissue paper, representing the sky, the Thames, the athletic track and the swimming pool.

Cut-outs of athletes and swimmers were then stuck on and some flowers placed, representing Summer!

Shaun then painted in the London skyline (with a little artistic licence in play, as regards the order of same!) in black acrylic paint.

Tissue clouds completed the picture - it does rain in London, in Summer!

The Olympic Rings were then placed at the top - made by Thomas (see here)

10 days to go to the Opening...!

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