Thursday, 30 August 2012

Bird Collage Tutorial - with Printable Templates!

You can make a collage out of bits of coloured card or paper - even pieces of felt or lace, buttons etc.... Just make a picture or a design and have fun with your group!

For my Bird Collage you will need....

A3 card for background. (any size will do - just adapt it)
Coloured card for the birds, flowers hearts and leaves
Dark paper or card for the fence
One smallish doily for the bird wings - mine was 16cm diameter
Small shiney flat bottomed beads for the eyes and flower centres (or use buttons or contrasting card)
Piece of cotton lace (43cm) or any kind of trim will do
Self adhesive butterfly stickers (optional)
Glue stick
Double sided adhesive pads

How to make... 
Using the templates cut out the birds, flowers, leaves and hearts. (I used my Big Shot die-cutter for the flowers and hearts, but have given you templates to use instead) 

Cut your doily in half and fold each piece into three, making a cone, with the join at the back. Stick the join with a bit of cellotape. Cut a slit in the bird, on the line marked on the side of the bird and slip the point of the folded doily into this slit. Fix into position with a small piece of cellotape at the back of the bird.

Bird Template
Flower templates

Heart templates

Cut out your fence and posts - mine are 15cms high and each post about 2cms wide. The centre piece or "gate" is cut in one piece and shaped along the top. (easy if you fold it concertina style and cut the curved tops all at once)

Using your glue stick, stick on the fence, birds, flowers, hearts and leaves. Stick on your beads or buttons.

Using double-sided sticky pads, attach the length of lace trim along the bottom edge.

Finish off your collage with some butterfly stickers...

Have fun!

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  1. This is such a nice collage...I hope your Seniors enjoy making it! Nice post...wishing you a beautiful fall day!