Friday, 8 February 2013

How to Make Felt Valentine Hearts - Tutorial & Templates

Valentine Hearts

 At Mencap, this week, we made Felt Valentine Hearts. They can be hung on a door handle or placed in a wardrobe....for a lovely waft of lavender amongst your clothes...!

If you would like to make some hearts, here is the tutorial...

You will need...

Felt (you will need approx 2 x A4 sizes of main colour and scraps of contrasting colour)
Embroidery thread
Ribbon or cord to make hanging loop
Stuffing - we used Polyester Fibre Toy Stuffing
Lavender Oil (or any perfumed oil) Optional

To Make...

Print out the template... Here are the Heart Templates

Cut out two of the large hearts and one each of the smaller hearts.

Attach the two small hearts with a button on top, onto one large felt heart.

Attach your looped ribbon to the top of the other large felt heart.

Stitch the two large hearts together - use either blanket stitch or just a running loop stitch, leaving a gap to insert your stuffing (with, if desired, a few drops of perfumed oil)

Stitch up the gap and you're done! 

These felt hearts are easy to make and are not only for Valentines Day - they really are Anytime Hearts!

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  1. These are really nice. I like the added touch of the oil! Thanks so much for the share. I always look forward to seeing your crafts. Have a Lovely Weekend!

    Warmest Regards,