Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Easy Button Felt Flowers - a New Bunch!


A few years back, I posted a tutorial on "An Easy Felt Flower to Make" and last week I decided to get our group at Mencap to make some fresh bunches!

I now have the pleasure of a Bigshot die cutting machine, so have been able to make a variety of different flowers with different shapes. If however you don't have access to a die cutter, the tutorial does give a few templates of flower shapes - they are simple shapes, but as they have to be cut by hand...!

So if you want to have a go at making these Easy Button Felt Flowers here is the link...  Felt Flower Tutorial

No Sewing or glueing - and so creative - the felt comes in such vibrant colours and there is an endless variety of buttons (metal or plastic, as long as they have a shank with a reasonably large hole) Mine came from eBay and Boot Sales...

We used empty spice bottles in which to display the flowers - but any jar will do!
Enjoy celebrating Spring!

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