Saturday, 8 June 2013

Tissue Paper Flower Tutorial - the Easy Way!

Why are Tissue Paper Flowers so satisfying to make...? 

Especially now when tissue papers come in so many lovely, fresh colours. Do buy good quality tissue paper for your flowers - a bit of body in the paper will keep your blooms crisp and holding their shape. 

The picture above are my own Tissue Paper Flowers. These I made, following the tutorial by "Sew Sweet Stitches" - here is the link... Tissue Flower tutorial

Adjust the size of your sheets of tissue paper, if you want to make your flowers a different size or fullness - I ended up with four 8 x 4 inch sheets for each of my flowers.

Using our tissue flowers we (at Mencap Braintree) are going to make a wall display for the Queen's 60th Coronation anniversary - when it is finished I will put it on my blog - should be in the next few weeks...

Until then, have fun making your flowers!

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  1. I love these flowers they are very pretty!!