Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Calendar Collage to make for 2014 - a Tutorial

This Calendar Collage for 2014 (or any other year in the future!) is so easy to put together and a great deal of fun for your groups. 

It is a good idea to have some sort of theme - mine was based around UK, chosing pictures of different people in our country and of course a little map. To finish off, I cut out words I thought were appropraite to the theme...

Your theme could be food (lots to choose from in most magazines!), animals (wild or maybe pet animals), jewellery, hair styles, fashion (clothes or shoes maybe) or celebrities - there will be many more themes that will come to you as you browse through your magazines. You could also just have a colour theme - say purple and yellow or green and red or black and orange - endless choices here!

So you will need...

Magazines (mine were just Sunday newspaper magazines)
A4 Paper 
A4 Black or other coloured card 
Calendar Tab
Ribbon or string (about 15cms)

Putting your Calendar Collage together...

Having got all your cut-outs together, stick them first onto an A4 piece of ordinary paper from your printer. Overlapping them will give you a cleaner finish so decide on the order of sticking, before you start...

Then when dry, cut around your pictures, so no white paper is showing. 

Stick this collage onto an A4 sheet of dark card (I used black) and attach you calendar tab and then add a loop of ribbon or string at the top, for hanging.

Please do send us a photo of your calendars to put in Our Gallery - Thanks!

Friday, 6 December 2013

Printable Santa Template - Our Christmas Craft at Mencap...

Santas to hang on the tree!
If you want to make your own Santas - here is the link to download and print the Santa Template - print straight onto thin card if you can and then colour-in and cut out the six parts. Attach the arms and legs with paper clips (Brads) and then glue a flat lolly stick behing the body, with about an inch sticking out at the top. Attach Santa's head to this with a double-sided sticky pad. Add a loop and hang him on the Christmas Tree! Cotton wool beards and glitter can be added if so desired!

Two rather thoughtful Penguins!
Craft at Mencap Braintree - with Christmas Carols, Tea and Donuts!
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