Saturday, 31 May 2014

Some Easy Card Fridge Magnets

Card Fridge Magnets

We made Card Fridge Magnets at Mencap this week - the square boards are pieces of a floor jigsaw puzzle - we just turned them over and worked on the white backs!

The coloured card we shaped into "Labels" and punched a hole centre top.

After decorating with stickers and bling we finished some with a name, initials and a ribbon.

On the other side of the card, we stuck strips of self-adhesive magnetic tape (we got ours from eBay) and they were ready to be popped onto the fridge for everyone to enjoy!

Try making yours!

We are also making a new Wall Mural - this time on the theme - South Africa!  Having just been there for a short holiday, visiting family, it seemed a good idea to bring some sunshine back to UK! 

So watch this Blog - will be finished in a few weeks time...

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