Saturday, 25 October 2014

Halloween Paper Plate Pumpkin - Printable Tutorial

Halloween Paper Plate Pumpkin

We made these Halloween decorations at Mencap Braintree - if you want to have a go with your group, they are easy and fun for any age and make a bright display on a grey Autumn day...

You will need

Paper plate - approx 9inch (23cms)
Orange paint
Green paint
Thin black card
Glue stick
Silver metallic pen for drawing eyes etc (optional)

How to make

Print out the templates - Halloween Paper Plate Pumpkin

Cut the paper plate into the pumpkin shape, using the template as a guide
On the back of the plate (so you have a rounded shape)...
Paint the pumpkin orange, with a green stem
Cut out the black shapes (owl, ghost etc) from the black card
Stick the silhouette onto the pumpkin
Draw the eyes etc with the silver metallic pen (optional)

Hang them up and have fun at Halloween...

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