Friday, 10 October 2014

Tutorial - Lollipop Halloween Spiders and Ghosts!


Lollipop Halloween Spiders and Ghosts were great fun to make!

Here is how we did it...

Lollipop Halloween Spider

You will need...

A lollipop on a stick
4 pipe cleaners (chenille craft stems)
2 Googly eyes (we used 7mm) 
Double sided sticky pads

 How to make... 
Fold each pipe cleaner in half and twist the centre once around the stick of the lollipop, making a leg on either side - eight legs in all. Push the legs up towards the round lolly "body" and attach a small double sided sticky pad to keep them in place and on this pad attach the googly eyes.

Lollipop Halloween Ghost

You will need... 

A lollipop on a stick
A piece of old sheeting (or you can use tissue paper) about 25 to 30cms square
Ribbon - we used black, purple orange and yellow - 3mm width
A Loom Band or small elastic band
Black felt tip pen
A plastic straw (optional)

How to make...

Place the round lollipop in the centre of the white sheeting and fix around the head with a small elastic band. Tie ribbons around the neck and draw a face with your black pen. 
As the lollipop sticks are short in length, we used the plastic straw as an extension! 

Our groups at Mencap loved this easy, fun craft...

Have a Fun Halloween...

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