Friday, 20 March 2015

Easter, Spring and More Fabric Bag Painting!

  We had great fun at Mencap, the girls decorating "Easter Bonnets" and the guys finishing the fabric painting on their Calico Bags.

Here are some photos, as they proudly display their craft...

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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Printable Quiz - "Richard and John" Famous men - Fill in the Surnames

 An easy quiz, all about Famous Men called Richard or John!

Twenty printable Questions and Answers to ponder over...

A cup of tea and biscuit will always help to make this an enjoyable activity - a quiz that will stimulate the memory and encourage reminiscing, while having fun...

Quiz - Richard and John

If you want more quizzes have a look at my eBook...

41 x10 Easy Printable Quizzes with Answers

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Easter Basket to Make - A4 Printable Template

This Easter Basket is made of thin card and can easily be printed, as the Template is A4 in size. This is how we made it up...

You will need...
A4 Sheet of thin card
Paints or felt tip pens
2 Split Pins
"Nest filling" - we used toy filling, but you can use cotton wool or shredded tissue paper just as well.
Stickers for the handle (or draw your own pictures)
Mini Easter Eggs
Chicks - we bought ours at our local craft shop.

How to Make it...

Print the Easter Basket Template directly onto your thin sheet of card.

Colour-in the Bunny and Easter lettering.

Cut out the basket and round off the corners.

Cut along the four lines as in the picture.

Cut out the handle.

Fold up the two ends and fold the pieces with the rounded corners over them. Slip the end of the handle against the inside, so you now have four layers. Make a small hole through these four layers (we used a large darning needle) and hold them together with a split pin (also called a Brad)

Decorate the handle with stickers.

Place your Nest Filling into your basket and arrange your eggs and chicks.

Have fun making your Easter Baskets! And eating all that yummy chocolate...!