Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Picture / Photo Frame Fridge Magnets - Tutorial

We made Photo / Picture Frame Fridge Magnets!

Here is how we did it...

What you need...

Aperture Greeting cards - the kind with a ready-cut "hole" in the card like this...
Crayons or Felt tip pens
Stickers or other Embellishments to decorate the frame (optional) 
Glue Stick
Double-sided Adhesive Tape 
Self-adhesive Magnetic Tape (we found ours on eBay)
Picture (colour-in or draw your own) - sized to fit into frame 
or select your own Photo

How to do it...

The card has three sides - the centre with the aperture (cut-out hole) and two back flaps.

Attach one back flap to the centre card across the bottom only - using double-sided adhesive tape.

Then attach the other back flap using your glue stick - apply glue over the whole flap and press it together.

You will now have a Picture Frame with an opening at the top

Decorate the frame... some of us pencilled in a mosaic design like this...

Colour-in your picture (or draw your own) or select your photo

Insert into the picture frame

Attach a self-adhesive strip of Magnetic Tape (about 5cms) to the back of the card, about 3cms from the top 

The picture or photo can be changed as often as you like, so put the frame up onto your fridge and have fun choosing what to put into it today!

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