Friday, 27 May 2016

We Made Tissue Paper Flowers at Mencap for Braintree Carnival

Mencap is putting together a float, to join in with the annual Braintree Carnival, which will be held on Saturday 11 June.

Our Thursday Art and Craft group was asked to make lots of bright colourful Tissue Paper Flowers to put on the float and so we had a lovely afternoon making them.

We followed this excellent tutorial...

Tissue Paper Flower Tutorial

Our tissue paper came in A4 sheets, so using 5 sheets for each flower, we made them up as per the tutorial. Because we used a slightly bigger sheet of tissue paper, our flowers were larger, but it worked just as well.

Tea and Tissue Paper Flowers
Jenna with her flowers

Andy painting Union Jacks

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Queen Elizabeth's 90th Birthday Wall Mural

Using the Daily Mail photos in the various magazines they published for the Queen's 90th Birthday, commemorating Her Majesty's life, we made a Wall Mural.

And then on the same theme, we completed three Pop-Up pages in Our Project Book.
If you want to make your own Pop-Ups here is the link Pop-Up Tutorial

Three Thursdays of great craft, celebrating a great occasion, by the Mencap, Braintree Art and Craft Group...

Friday, 13 May 2016

6 New Bookmarks to Print and Colour-In...!

We enjoyed making these simple Bookmarks at Mencap this week...

If you would like to make some with your group or with your children here is...

what you will need...

Thin card in light colours
Colouring in pens or crayons
Laminator and Laminator pouches (optional)
Ribbon (optional)
Single punch (optional)

How to make up the bookmarks..

Print the templates onto thin card. (If you are laminating them, then you can print onto paper)
Here is the link  Bookmarks
Colour in the pictures.
Cut out each bookmark.

They will last a long time if you laminate them (seal in a plastic sleeve) but not essential.

Punch a single hole centre top and tie in your ribbon.