Monday, 18 September 2017

Spooky Spider Devilled Eggs for Halloween - Recipe!

The kids (old and young!) will love these Halloween Spidery Treats - so easy and quick to make - here is the recipe...

Spooky Spider Devilled Eggs

If you are looking for Halloween crafts (including the lollipop spider below) go to my page here... Halloween

Have a fun and safe Halloween!

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Benefits of Colouring in for the Elderly with Printable Drawings!

I have long believed in the therapeutic effect of colouring in for adults of any age. I loved colouring in with my grandchildren, when they were little - not just to please them, although they loved Granny to join in, but for the pleasure and relaxation I found myself enjoying in the process.

I found this very good website, "Golden Carers", which not only discusses the benefits of colouring in for the elderly, but also includes five downloadable drawings. They can then be printed as needed.

Here is the link....

Benefits of Colouring in for the Elderly


Sunday, 3 September 2017

Two NEW Printable General Knowledge Quizzes for your Groups

Wanting an easy General Knowledge Quiz?

Here are two for you...

Each has 10 questions and I have given you the answers, on a separate page.

They can be printed as required...

General Knowledge Quiz (2)

Looking for more printable quizzes - all with answers on a separate page?

Then do look at my eBook of 41 x 10 Printable Quizzes

Lots of different subjects and all picked, especially for the older generation...