Thursday, 13 January 2022

Importance of Taking Good Photos of your ACEO's!

Country Lanes

I cannot emphasize too much the importance of good, clear photographs of your ACEO miniature Paintings (read more about them here) when you put them up for sale on eBay - or anywhere else you chose to sell them.

They will be scrolled over by potential customers if not full size and not clearly showing the buyers what they are looking at. Thus please don't put them on a little easel or hold them in your hand when taking your photos!

So this is what I recommend - place the ACEO on a sheet of plain white paper in good daylight, but not directly in the sunlight. A windowsill usually works well to get good light. Take the photo filling the screen with the ACEO.

Standing Tall
If your phone has a good camera and most cameras do nowadays, then use your phone and snap away...

Use a photo editing app, which will allow you to crop away the excess white paper and leave you only with the ACEO. 

Don't be tempted to use filters of any kind. The buyer will need to see your painting or drawing as near to the original as possible, so enhancing it in any way will be deceptive. You want your buyer to be happy that he has received what he sees, as displayed in your photo.

Hope this helps you to promote your ACEO sales and get more bids!

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