Monday, 30 May 2011

Three Printable Bookmarks!

After the big demand for Royal Wedding printables, I have had lots or requests for more bookmarks, so here are three printable bookmarks for you to download, print and colour-in with your group!

I have left one plain for you to decorate in any way you choose - with paint, stickers or a personal message...

Click here to download and print Bookmarks (when a new screen opens click on File and then Print)

Either print them on paper and stick onto card or print directly onto thin card.
Colour in the small pictures and punch a hole in the centre top.
Thread in a ribbon and you have a bookmark!

If you have access to a laminator, this will preserve the bookmark for many years to come...

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Printable June 2011 Calendar!

Here is your June 2011 calendar...

Click here to download printable template of June 2011 Calendar  When a new screen opens click on File and then Print.

I painted this one with Acrylic paints, but I think an easier option would be to use felt-tip pens or  pencil crayons, as it is a bit more challenging than usual!

Do whatever suits your group - enjoy!

Monday, 16 May 2011

Two Printable Quizzes!

I have put together, two printable quizzes, for you to do with your group. They are "How Many?" and "Fill in the Missing Food" - neither are difficult, but still mentally stimulating and as always, just for fun!

Click here to download the 2 Quizzes  

Hope you enjoy them!

Want more quizzes? - Have a look at my 41 x 10 Easy Quizzes  with Answers!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Summer Sunflowers to Print and Paint!

This beautiful Sunflower was grown and then photographed by my sister in Hampshire...
 Using some very clever software, I converted the flower photo into a sketch and put together the "Summer Sunflowers" you see below...

and then I painted it with my watercolours

Because the sketch is already shaded, it was very easy to paint - I used two colours of yellow for the petals and two shades of brown for the centres. A few small dots of white and picture painted...

Have a go at painting it with your group - here is the sketch for you to download and print...Click here for Summer Sunflowers 

Be creative - have fun!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Handmade Monday # 15 - A Flower Pin Cushion!

These Pin-Cushions are not only easy to make but very practical to use as they sit well on your work table and can hold a lot of pins and needles!

Handmade Monday is organised by Ist Unique Gifts Do visit Wendy's very active Blog!

You Will Need...
Cotton / Polycotton fabric scraps
Thread and needle (sewing machine if possible)
Toy / Cushion Polyester Fibre Filling
Embroidery thread and a long needle
2 Buttons

How To Make...
Cut two circles from your fabric approx. 18cm diameter (can be same fabric or two different designs)
Place the 2 circles together, with right sides facing.
Stitch around the outer edge leaving a gap of about 5cm. This is better done on a sewing machine as will be stronger, but can be done by hand if necessary.
Turn the circles right side out and stuff with your filling - pack it well to make a firm cushion.
Stitch the gap closed, by hand.
Thread a long needle with all six strands of your embroidery thread and make a knot at the end.
Push the needle through the middle of your cushion and then loop it over the side and back into to centre, pulling it tight to form the "petals" of the pin cushion. Keep doing this to form 6 "petals"
Finish off with a few double stitches in the centre to hold the thread firmly in place, but do not cut the thread yet!
Using the same thread, stitch on two buttons, one on either side. This will cover up all your stitiches and your knot!

Hope you enjoy making your pin cushion!