Monday, 9 May 2011

Handmade Monday # 15 - A Flower Pin Cushion!

These Pin-Cushions are not only easy to make but very practical to use as they sit well on your work table and can hold a lot of pins and needles!

Handmade Monday is organised by Ist Unique Gifts Do visit Wendy's very active Blog!

You Will Need...
Cotton / Polycotton fabric scraps
Thread and needle (sewing machine if possible)
Toy / Cushion Polyester Fibre Filling
Embroidery thread and a long needle
2 Buttons

How To Make...
Cut two circles from your fabric approx. 18cm diameter (can be same fabric or two different designs)
Place the 2 circles together, with right sides facing.
Stitch around the outer edge leaving a gap of about 5cm. This is better done on a sewing machine as will be stronger, but can be done by hand if necessary.
Turn the circles right side out and stuff with your filling - pack it well to make a firm cushion.
Stitch the gap closed, by hand.
Thread a long needle with all six strands of your embroidery thread and make a knot at the end.
Push the needle through the middle of your cushion and then loop it over the side and back into to centre, pulling it tight to form the "petals" of the pin cushion. Keep doing this to form 6 "petals"
Finish off with a few double stitches in the centre to hold the thread firmly in place, but do not cut the thread yet!
Using the same thread, stitch on two buttons, one on either side. This will cover up all your stitiches and your knot!

Hope you enjoy making your pin cushion!


  1. Not only a lovely hand made make but instructions to replicate as well - marvellous!
    And it's nice to make contact with another Big Shot fan - so addictive aren't they?

  2. That looks really great and so useful, I think I might pop a strap on it so I could tie it round my wrist while I was working.

  3. They look really pretty as well as practicable,
    a great way to use up bit of leftover fabric.

    Jan x

  4. Oh, I really like this, and I think I'm gong to make one! Thank you!

  5. They look really lovely! The black and white is my favourite. Thanks for the tutorial too :)

  6. Thanks everyone for popping in! Nancy

  7. Very simple instructions. I shall be making one too! Thanks

  8. Nice pin cushion, particularly like the flowery one.

  9. They are lovely, thanks for letting us know how they are made, think i may make one too. I find pin cushions sell well at my fairs.

  10. yes!! I'd love to make this! Scrap material shall be scrap no more!

    Thank you.

  11. Thanks for the tutorial, Nancy. Your pin cushions look fab, my fave is the black and white. Hugs Sue x

  12. These are lovely, do you know I do not own a pin cushion and I don't know how I've managed! I may create one now using your tutorial. Thanks for sharing and popping by my blog x

  13. What a great tutorial. My favourite is the black and white one.