Thursday, 2 June 2011

A Felt Wall Hanging to Make - Beach Huts in Summer! (with printable pattern)

Beach Huts - a Felt Wall Hanging

I had a lovely time making this felt wall hanging - I was inspired by
Ros Made Me  who has an excellent tutorial on Beach Hut Cushions.

If you would like to make your own felt wall hanging with your group, here is how to do it...

You Will Need...
A piece of felt - I used a 9 x 12inch (that is how I buy them) but then trimmed off about an inch along the bottom, so you only actually need 9 x 11inch piece.
5 pieces of felt each 2 x 3inch for the beach huts.
5 scraps felt for the doors
Felt scrap for the Sun - I cut one with a die on my Big Shot, but I have included a pattern for a simpler form in the template.
Embroidery thread (use 3 strands to sew with) and needle
A thin wooden dowel x 16inch
Ribbon or cord  - about 24inch

How to Make...
Turn the long edge over and pin a hem of 1inch Check your dowel will fit through (adjust if necessary)
Using a running stitch - sew hem.

Here is the Pattern for the Beach Huts and Sun. (when a new screen appears click on File and then Print)
Cut out 5 Huts and 5 Doors.
Using a running stitch attach the doors to the huts.
Pin the huts to the background felt, getting the spacing even.
Use a running stitch sew them onto the background felt.

Trim off any excess felt from the bottom edge.
Attach the sun with a button in the centre.
Slip in the wooden dowel and tie on the ribbon.

Have fun in the sun...!

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  1. Yay, I am an inspiration, lol! Nancy they look lovely, they look as joyous as real beach huts and they really make me want to smile.

  2. This is so lovely, thanks for sharing how you made it :) We have featured this in our Beach Hut Crafts round up, with a link back to you!