Friday, 28 June 2013

Mencap celebrates 60th Coronation Anniversary!

Queen Elizabeth 11 - 60th Coronation Anniversary
We spent the last few Thursdays, at Mencap Braintree, putting together a wall-hanging, to celebrate 60 years since our Queen was crowned!

We started with a piece of wooden garden trellis and Shaun, our Art and Craft teacher, cut out a large paper crown. The crown was layered with pieces of kitchen foil, glued onto the paper with PVA glue. We attached the crown to the trellis with large "drawing pins" and left it to dry out.

We then sprayed the crown with a can of gold paint and while still wet, we sprinkled a bit of gold glitter over the surface. Gems were then stuck on and the "ermine cuff" made using toy stuffing - again glued on with PVA glue.

A photograph of the Queen and a gold "60" (also sprayed and glittered) was attached.

Lastly we wound the tissue flowers we made a few weeks ago onto the trellis around the crown...

Using wooden trellis as your "frame" why not make your own wall-hanging to celebrate something happening in your country, or even to celebrate a family or group occasion... Have fun!

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