Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Printable General Knowledge Quiz - All About Numbers!


Time for another quiz I think...

Thirty questions - all the answers are numbers...No not maths! Just general knowledge questions. Things we all come across and work with, in our daily lives - have a go with your group or maybe see how many you know, best over a cup of tea!

Here is the link - can be printed out...

Quiz - All About Numbers!

If you enjoy this one, then do have a look at my Quiz eBook

Printable eBook - 41 Easy Quizzes

Perfect for winter days to keep the mind ticking along...!

Friday, 11 October 2013

Wall Mural - Autumn!

Our Art and Craft group at Mencap (Braintree) made this lovely Autumn Wall Mural - inspired by Shaun, our group leader.

Having decided we wanted a lake and a few hills in the Mural, it then followed that we needed to put in Nessie - the Loch Ness Monster...!

So this became a Scottish Autumn Wall Mural complete with Loch Ness, Nessie and don't you love the Sunset!

The whole background is made from torn pieces of coloured tissue paper glued onto large sheets of white paper. (the whole mural is about 4 x 8 foot) the trees were painted on white paper and then cut out and glued on. All the leaves were made by painting real leaves on the underside with poster paint and then pressing them onto white paper and when dry, cutting them out. All the other creatures and footballer (!) were then coloured-in and stuck on as well...

It took us three afternoons to put together but we were thrilled with the result...

How about making a wall mural with your group - send us a photo for         Our Gallery when you do, so we can all share your creation...

Or send us in photos of any other hand-made craft or paintings you have produced - either your own or with your group...

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

More Lid Fridge Magnet Ideas!

 So many of you have asked for more ideas on making Lid Fridge Magnets so here is another batch...!

For more detail on how to put them together  - click on this link...

Lid Fridge Magnet Tutorial

Look amongst your craft stash - you will find lots of different bits and pieces that can be used to make up your unique lid fridge magnets - so be creative and have fun!

I have set up "Our Gallery" - do send in pictures of your craft (anything at all as long as it is hand-made and your paintings too would be good) so we can share our delight in art and crafts!