Friday, 23 January 2015

Valentine Padded Felt Hearts - Tutorial and Printable Templates

 Sewing Valentine Padded Felt hearts on a cold Winter's afternoon, with a cup of tea and donuts to follow - our Mencap group really enjoyed this project!

Have done this before - a few years ago - but have made the hearts a smaller size, so only one A4 piece of felt is required for the large heart shapes.

What you will need...

One A4 size piece of felt - for the 2 large heart shapes
Smaller pieces of felt in contrasting colours for small hearts
Embroidery thread and needle
Ribbon (30cms or longer if you wish)
Polyester fibre filling (toy stuffing)
Pinking shears (optional)

How to make it...

Print out your patterns  

3 x Heart Template Shapes

Cut out two large hearts 
Cut out one each of the smaller size hearts (per side **)

Place the button on top of the two smaller heart shapes and sew them together, leaving your thread hanging down underneath.

Place this in the centre of one of the large hearts and sew together, through the three hearts and the button.

If you want - do the same with the other large heart (you will then have small hearts and buttons on both sides of your finished padded heart **) 

Place the two large heart shapes together and starting at the bottom point, stitch them together - either using blanket stitch or a simple running stitch.

When you reach centre top of your heart, slip the ends of your folded ribbon in between the two large hearts and sew through them to attach the ribbon to the heart.

Continue sewing down the other side, stopping when you have about 4cms still open. Don't end off - leave your thread hanging.

Stuff your heart at this point and then continue sewing until you reach the bottom point again.

If you have used a running stitch (as in the purple sample), you can trim off the edges of your heart with pinking shears (optional) 

Here are some our group made...

Hope you all enjoy this project...

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