Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Wall Hanging to Celebrate Mencap 60th Anniversary

As Mencap is celebrating its 60th Anniversary, we decided to make a crafty Wall Hanging at our Art and Craft group.

First we made the woven "squares" using the cardboard loom method.

Then next we made some felt flowers like this 

Easy Button Felt Flowers

The "60" I found on eBay

The straps we made from strips cut from an old T Shirt, plaited with lengths of coloured wool, to brighten the grey.

The material was in the 20p box at the local charity shop

After stitching on the squares and the 60 (on my sewing machine) we attached the flowers with little gold safety pins. Folded the material up to make a "Cushion" which we filled with toy stuffing. Attached the straps and there it is - bright and bold and made with such pleasure...!

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