Sunday, 21 May 2017

Toby has new Summer Bandanas!

Toby looking very smart and ready for some Summer Walks - just need some sunshine...

More from Toby's fashion portfolio... home-sewed with such pleasure!

Proud to be British...!


Friday, 19 May 2017

14 Clever and Apt Anagrams - Just for Fun!

I found this selection of very clever and apt Anagrams - have a go at them with your groups. I have supplied the answers if you get stuck...

One to get you going... "ALAS NO MORE Z'S" is "SNOOZE ALARMS"

Have fun with these!

Here is the link...

14 Clever and Apt Anagrams

If you want more quizzes please have a look at my eBook...

41 x 10 Easy Quizzes - Printable with Answers

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Bird Anagrams - Quiz... Printable with Answers

Ten Bird Anagrams for you to decipher with your group - over a cup of tea of course!

Bird Anagrams - Quiz

Answers supplied in case you get stuck...

Hope you enjoy this little quiz - if you want more have a look at my eBook...

41 x 10 Easy Quizzes - Printable with Answers 


Monday, 27 February 2017

Easter Face-Cloth Bunny and Hand-Towel Teddy to make!

Easter is coming around again soon, and so why not make a few gifts - easily made by just folding towelling...

Using a face-cloth for the Bunny and a hand-towel for the Teddy,  they will both be useful gifts, after the little choccy eggs have been  devoured...!

I have made the face-cloth Easter Bunny before...

for tutorial see here and here

I decided to make him again this year, as we now have a hand-towel Teddy to add to the fun...

The Easter Bunny has button eyes this time, but you can us googly eyes of course!

The hand-towel Teddy is easy to make and all you will need is a hand-towel, elastic bands, ribbon and buttons or googly eyes.

Here is an excellent tutorial showing how to make it - just folding....
No sewing involved!

Hand-Towel Teddy

Have fun with your groups or families, making these Easter Gifts...


Saturday, 18 February 2017

Introducing Sun Flyers....we create e-Flyers!

Want to Boost your business?

Tell your friends about a personal or charity function?

Let us design your e-Flyer...

The final image will be in Jpeg file - Perfect for Facebook or email distribution.

e-Flyers have overtaken conventional forms of printed environmentally friendly!

have a look at samples of our creations and see what we can do to help you with your promotions...

Sun Flyers


Sunday, 8 January 2017

Winter - Celebrate with a Wall Mural...!

We made our Winter Mural at Braintree Mencap, with strings of artificial ivy, red poinsettia and white tissue flowers. Then our table coloured-in various winter-themed pictures, which we added, to give the mural some lovely points of interest...!

Wall Murals are fun to put together and there are endless themes you can develop. 

Try, as we did, the Seasons or maybe Holiday themes - Religious or National. 

Popular also are Sporting themes - Winter or Summer Sports. 

Geographical - work on a country, showing highlights of what that country is known for...

Whatever you decide - enjoy working together with your groups - young and old.